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Who are we?

The Competitive Computer Science Club is a student-run club that focuses on preparing students to compete in various programming competitions such as USACO, Stanford ProCo, and HPI. Members of the club have won many of these competitions, with a significant portion becoming USACO Gold after joining the club.

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Meet our team

The Officers of the Club


Mario Goranov


Mario Goranov has been a competitive coder since middle school, and has participated in many different programming competitions, achieving USACO Platinum, Topcoder Division 1, HPI 1st place, Stanford University ProCo 3rd place, even qualifying in the ACSL All-Star Worlds.


Simrit Dhanjal

Vice President

Having participated in various hackathons, school computing competitions, and online programming competitions, Simrit Dhanjal has been a committed member since the club's founding. She aims to not only help this club grow, but also ensure its success in future years.



Vice President

Colin is a third year member of CCSC, and is currently USACO gold and max rated 1630 on Codeforces. Some competitions he's attended together with the club include SFCode, VTHSPC, HPI, and ACSL All-Star.



Director of Technology

Since he started programming in sixth grade, Ray has programmed dozens of websites and applications. He has attended numerous programming competitions like Stanford ProCo and HPI, and helped organize a hackathon and a programming competition.


Medha Palavalli

PR Manager


Priti Ragnekar




Discord Guy

With an interest in computer science since he was 10, Travis's first competitive computer science experience came in 8th grade when he participated in Stanford ProCo. He has been a member of the club since 2017, and is very keen on spreading his weeb ideals.


Rohit Ravikumar

Club Advisor

Mr. Ravikumar is a Subject Expert Teacher in economics and computer science. He is currently the club advisor for the Competitive Computer Science Club.

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